Rara Lake Trekking

Rara lie on the remote Karnali zone in the north and largest lake of Nepal which covers 11 sq km – west of Nepal. The region is made up of long ridges covered with temperate forests and alpine pastures enclosing high valleys. Summer rainfall is low, but winter snow can be heavy and persistent. Since the region is fairly high and free from monsoon thunder storms, the summer season is ideal for trekking. Winters are cold, but in the autumn season, trekking is rewarded with a profusion of alpine flowers.


Days 01 : Kathmandu – Nepalganj (By flight or buses)
Days 02 : Nepalganj – Jumla (By flight)
Days 03 : Jumla – Chere chaur
Days 04 : Chere chour – Nauri Gaud
Days 05 : Nauri Gaud – Vhulvule
Days 06 : Vhulvule – Jyari
Days 07 : Rara Lake
Days 08 : Rara – Ghorasain
Days 09 : Ghorasain – Sinja
Days 10 : Sinja – Jaljala Chaur
Days 11 : Chere Chaur – Jumla
Days 12 : Jumla – Nepalganj – Kathmandu.
Exploring tranquil Rara Lake, stunning Himalayan panorama, exploring typical village people and their way of life.