Pisang Peak
Pisang Peak is taken as easy trekking among other trekking peak but it is also found very difficult by some climbers and complained us that this is not also easy one. So naturally you have to have a good walking and climbing habit as well as your courage. The western face of the peak is guarded by a hanging glacier and offers a considerable challenging. Pisang peak ascends from the yak kharkas up to its summit. Ascending and descending route is same one. Some time we find snow on this peak at the top only. The German Expedition team made the first ascent of Pisang peak in 1955.
Days 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu; transfer to the Hotel
Days 02 : Stay in Kathmandu for the official procedure
Days 03 : Drive to Bensisahar
Days 04 : :Trek to Bahundanda
Days 05 : Trek to Chyamje
Days 06 : Trek to Dharapani
Days 07 : Trek to Chame
Days 08 : Trek to Pisang
Days 09 : Trek to Pisang base camp
Days 10 : Acclimatization at Base camp
Days 11 : High camp
Days 12 : Summit up to Pisang peak and back to base camp
Days 13 : Trek to Pisang
Days 14 : Trek to Danaque
Days 15 : Trek to Chyamje
Days 16 : Trek to Ngadi
Days 17 : Trek to Bensisahar
Days 18 : Drive back to Kathmandu
Days 19 : Rest day in Kathmandu
Days 20 : Departure From Kathmandu